Why You Need to Switch to a Tech Career in 2020

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All signs are pointing to a need for change in the way companies operate in the post-coronavirus period. New technologies have played an essential role during these hard times, and companies are bound to implement many of them later on. Even though many companies still thrive during the outbreak, some people have lost their jobs. Others have started working remotely.


It has been reported that the popularity of tech workers has been sped up as companies still require talents to move forward during the outbreak. With the right tech talents, companies have a higher chance of success.


Think about. A florist who has his or her business online has the potential to expose the brand to millions of people around the area. Companies, no matter the size, apply sophisticated solutions to provide better products and services. With this in mind, it is important to realize that tech talents can even be essential for companies to run. They contribute by reaching out to customers and making decisions with tech.


Under those circumstances, today's tech talents are the most valuable employees in the market. For that reason, companies provide them with good salaries and benefits. An excellent example of this is how Google treats its employees. Many of them make more than $60,000 per year, and they are offered attractive perks like free onsite gym classes, massage therapy, maternity/paternity leave benefits, and even laundry.


Switching to a tech career is something you should think about. Here is a list of motivations that will show you why you need to change jobs in 2020.

Better Job Opportunities

Companies are offering better job opportunities to candidates with the right tech skills. Know that companies continuously improve their job offers to attract and retain tech talents, while tech professionals, like data scientists, know how to bargain for their value because companies rely heavily on them to make game-changing decisions.


If you wish these opportunities to open for you, consider enrolling in a coding bootcamp. Bootcamps are useful because several giant tech companies, like Amazon, are hiring partners. An excellent example of that is General Assembly’s coding bootcamp. In effect, the school is one of the most innovative in terms of education. Their hiring partners team includes companies like Google, Condé Nast, and more.


Also, the company offers many courses so people can make that career switch they have always wanted. General Assembly's courses are available in-person or online. In the same way, if you are a busy person, you can still enroll in their part-time programs.

Professional Growth

There is a degree of uncertainty when you think about making a career switch, you might wonder if you are going to be stuck or you are going to move forward. In effect, as the tech market is continuously growing, and companies keep implementing new technologies, tech professionals will keep growing too. It is because they have to keep up to date to build innovative solutions that make a company stand out over others.


For example, software engineers are responsible for designing and developing software solutions that can enhance the way companies operate and interact with customers. Also, they are responsible for providing support and maintenance to existing systems and platforms in a company. To be efficient, workers have to keep upgrading their skillset as companies are still incorporating new technologies. Another example of growth is that years ago, companies used to store information using physical infrastructure, but now they are moving to cloud services.


Given these points, it is important to realize that when you switch to a tech career, you will keep having professional growth. Under those circumstances, you learn from the best and outstand over other candidates by joining Thinkful's team. The company is committed to its students’ success and self-realization. For that reason, students can receive support from industry-experienced mentors, academic success managers, and career coaches. Thinkful also offers full-time or part-time programs for those who don't have much available time. In other words, there are no excuses.


Thinkful offers financing options for those who think the lack of money can be a barrier. The school’s financing options include income-share agreement, discounts, and living stipends. With this in mind, it is clear that with Thinkful, you will not only learn new tech skills to switch careers but also you will be on the path of career fulfillment.

Higher Salaries and Flexibility

After the coronavirus outbreak, many people lost their jobs because they were not able to work remotely. It could be because their role was not meant for remote working, and employers couldn't afford workers on board. On the other hand, those who were able to work from home have had to adapt while spending time with family members.


Tech professionals love their jobs not only because they like what they do, but also because employers are now offering flexible schedules so they can work from home. Remote work also reduces costs while providing employees with free time to attend their home-life duties. For example, web developers can accomplish the required tasks from home if the company gives them network access.


Also, tech professional potential earnings are impressive as their average salaries are higher than professionals in other industries. For example, Flatiron School graduates earn a breathtaking average salary of $74,566 annually. For that reason, the school offers several in-person or online courses in cybersecurity, data science, and software engineering. Similar to Thinkful, Flatiron offers financing options like ISA, deferred tuition, and upfront payments. The Flatiron School Career Services team provides its students with weekly mock interviews and one-on-one career coaching sessions. Students are also provided with employer introductions to help them launch a lifelong career in tech.


In Conclusion  

Now is the right moment to make that career switch you have always wanted. The tech market will keep improving and evolving. For that reason, you need to switch to a tech career.



Changing your job and updating your skills will provide you a lot of benefits. Major companies are in a constant hunt for candidates with innovative tech skills in their skillset. For that reason, they are making attractive job offers. Under those circumstances, there is no doubt that you have to switch careers in order to have a better lifestyle and further job opportunities.

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